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Project Name: Orwiler House


Description: A recently widowed middle age woman, with children, needs some repairs on her house.


Estimated Cost: ~$3000




Timeframe: Currently Underway

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Project Name:

Building a Road for the Liberian Church


Description: Infastructure development in Liberia to encourage common mission among the churches.


Estimated Cost: ~$60,000


Partner(s): Independant Donors, The Liberia Project


Timeframe: By January 2013

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These projects represent some of what rmw is working on now.  We welcome any help you can lend to these endeavors, whether it is of time, money, prayer or advice.

2480 NE Rocky Bluff Way - Hansville, Washington  98340 - 360.638.1848 - [email protected]

Project Name:

Heating Two Homes (Brooks / McFadden)


Description: Heat the homes of two single mom households that have inadequate heat systems.


Estimated Cost: ~$6,000


Partner(s): Independant Donors


Timeframe: Currently Underway

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Completed Projects:

Joe Needs Wheels


Description: A local minister needed a working car for ministry.  We got him one.

Tow a Car


Description: A widow's car would not run.  We towed it to the mechanic, saving the cost of a tow truck.