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In 2004 a young guy in ministry saw a need for the Christian community to function like Christians. He founded RMW as a means to seek new ways to influence the Body of Christ to restore the vitality that is latent within. Through the avenues of counseling, communication, art and practical service the team at RMW is working with churches and people who have a vision for what the God can do through them.


Today, we work locally in Washington state's Kitsap county, while reaching out internationally to assist mission work in regions like Liberia and Russia. We fund and support practical projects that help many in difficult financial circumstances while drawing churches into the process.


Our team is currently comprised of our executive director and founder, Locke Morgan and Duane Sabin, a veteran pastor who has served for over 40 years in the Kitsap area. Their wives, Susanna and Jan respectively, are also vital in doing the work of RMW. But it is the backing of supporters like you that transform the efforts of a few into the impact of us all.

Duane Sabin fixing the brakes on a truck in Liberia

2480 NE Rocky Bluff Way - Hansville, Washington  98340 - 360.638.1848 - [email protected]